Lake Huron Cottage Country

The Dream of Cottage Ownership

Interested in Buying a Cottage?

Owning a cottage is a great way to spend weekends and summer holidays.  Huron County is home to some exceptional cottage ownership opportunities.   Lakefront, Riverfront, Rustic,  Village, Secluded, Condominium or Luxurious, there is a style to suit every one and every budget.  Cottages also have some unique requirements that are not usually experienced by most urban dwellers.

Water Supply

Many cottage properties do not have municipal water supply systems.  Water is often supplied by a well on the property.  Mortgage lenders will require a potable water sample to be taken from the property before granting a mortgage on the property.  It is advised that regular potable water samples are taken to ensure the water supply remains healthy.  Water sample kits can be obtained from many municipal offices, Public Health Authorities and hospitals.  Collected water samples are dropped off to the local health unit to be sent to regional testing facilities.  This service is provided free to Ontario property owners.

It is also very common to have wells shared between up to 5 dwellings.  Often, in this scenario the property owner on which the well is located receives payment from those cottagers that they supply water to.  Furthermore, costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the system are divided equally among those sharing the well.

Private Roads

Cottage properties are not always located on municipally owned roads.  Private roads can be association owned or be Righ-Of-Way’s granted to owners of the property along the length of the road. Ensure that you know what the ownership of the road is before you buy.  Many cottage associations also collect yearly dues to maintain roads.  Some privately owned roads do have winter maintenance that has been arranged by the cottage association or by an individual.  It is common to have a local resident contracted to clear a private road if an owner would like to have year round access.

Septic Systems

Most cottage areas in Huron County do not have sewer systems but instead have septic systems.  Septic systems range from old, outdated systems, to new eco-flow models and holding tanks.  To learn how a septic system works, please click on the link.

The county has embarked upon inspections of all existing septic systems.  This is to protect our water supply and to ensure the lake remains healthy.

When buying a cottage with a septic system, it is usual in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale that the septic system in pumped so that the new owner is ensured that they are starting with an empty tank.  A properly maintained system will should work for decades.

Conservation Authority

Along the lakeshore, depending upon where you are located, building and development may require Conservation Authority approval.  In the northern half of Huron County, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority  is responsible for the stewardship of the waterways.  From Tower Line Road south, the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is the local CA.